About Us

Firstly, thank you, for visiting our online store!

Let us start with a little bit of history. We opened our doors back in 2006. It was a very humble start selling out of an office in Highlands, providing our customers with only alternative printing consumables. We then invested in a refilling ink station which was in line with our vision. To bring more affordable printing solutions. It was a long and testing journey. As time went on and thanks to your support, we were able to venture into a broader range of products. By 2012 we were confident enough to move into a bigger premises and offer a full range of I.T products. Then in 2015 an opportunity to open an express outlet came about. Located at the other side of town it was ideal for our existing clients whom resided in the area. In 2018 this express branch became a fully stocked branch. Rome was not built over night.   

I am proud to say that our business was built with a grounded, dedicated and experienced sales team that are always willing to help give good sound advice when needed. We have through these difficult times tried to work a system that we can bring our shop to you. By this we mean our team is accessible on a number of communication platforms. We are able to give you sound advice, send through information with visuals to help you make the right decision and to add to that we will deliver your order to you. For Harare orders we are able to offer free delivery that fits our delivery cycles, and for out of town orders we can facilitate deliveries through the current couriers.  

The brands we choose to stock are brands that are tried and tested. Our guarantee to you is that our sourcing of products is through proper official channels and not through the grey market, thus avoiding the possibility of counterfeit; refurbished or warranty-void products being supplied to you. 

We are especially proud to be an Authorized CANON Dealer. The fact that Canon is a superior brand on the market and has a second to none warrantee and backup service centre locally, has allowed us to put Canon back on the map again. Working with Canon, we have managed a volume discount pricing structure that allows us to pass the benefit onto you. The Canon range of products is endless and just because we may not have a specific model in stock, does not mean you cannot get it, as there are shipments coming in fortnightly.

We are just as proud being an ASUS dealer. Asus, a Taiwanese brand that has over the years won numerous awards alongside positive write ups for its reliability and leading innovation, has proven to be extremely popular in Europe for the most serious users. Asus has been operating in Zimbabwe since 2001 and offers a worldwide warrantee and service centre which really works for our clients.

We are also is a registered hp reseller to give you the peace of mind that you are getting the real deal.

In the printing consumables line, we of course offer originals, but have over the years also had time to test and research suitable alternative laser cartridges to help reduce printing costs to the end user without loss of print quality or yield. What we therefore additionally offer, is the “LAZERMAX” brand of compatible cartridges. These cartridges are STMC compliant (‘’Standardized Test Methods Committee” certified worldwide), offering you matching yields and the toner density of an original, but at a hugely discounted price.

Then there are a host of handy peripherals to total up an I.T. experience that is current; fluid; exciting and rewarding.

Please feel free to drop one of our sales team a line through the live chat platform or by email, whatsapp, Facebook or by phone. We do not currently offer the online payment platform however we can offer a more personalised platform when enquiring on prices, product availability, delivery needs and advice.   

We are here to serve you!

Kind regards
The team at Zelpac I.T & Printer Cartridges