Delivery Service

Deliveries within Harare

We are offering free deliveries within the greater part of Harare.

There is a minimum order value for this. Please check with our sales team.

We do not offer urgent deliveries but will deliver within 24 hours.


Nationwide Deliveries

We can facilitate nationwide deliveries using any of the independent courier services available.

One can use their own account or ask our sales team for a quote. It is that simple.  

Please note liability is transferred from us once the product has been collected by the courier. 


Below are some indicative weights

Laptop = 5kg

Desktop & 18.5“ monitor = 8kg +

Inkjet printers = 5kg to 9kg

Laser printers = 8k to 30kg

Toner cartridges = 0.75kg to 1.3kg

Ink cartridges = 60gms to 100gms

Keyboards = 550gms to 900gms

Mice = 125gms +