Warranty Information

General Warranty Information

For products that hold a warranty, please note that we may have to first return the goods to the manufacturer, supplier or service provider, in order to confirm a hardware or manufacturer’s fault and to eliminate any customer induced damage.

Some supplier warranty service centres require a diagnostic charge to determine the repair and parts required when booking the unit in. If the unit is found warrantable the charge will be refunded.  Should you decide not to accept the quotation for the out of warranty repair, the diagnostic charge will be forfeited and the unit will be returned to you, unrepaired, as requested.

Upon repair of the goods, we will notify you that it is available for collection.  The unit must be collected within 2 months after this notification, failing which the goods will be sold in order to defray costs.


Exclusions to Warranty:

Damage caused by, or evidence of the following will invalidate the warranty as it is classified as customer induced damage:

  • Lighting Damage
  • Power Surges
  • Extended Exposure to moisture and humidity
  • Liquid Contamination
  • Fire and heat damage
  • Acts of God
  • War
  • Public Disturbances
  • Connection to incorrect voltage or damage due to electrical power surges
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accidental Damage
  • Misuse or Abuse (including "screen burn"
  • Failure to properly maintain
  • Use of improper cleaning methods
  • Infestation by insects or vermin
  • Incorrect operation
  • Use for which it is not designed (e.g commercial or industrial environment)
  • Use of faulty leaking batteries
  • Damage caused by the use of remanufactured or generic accessories and ink supplies
  • Incomplete or incorrect customer instruction/education
  • Evidence of tampering or repair by a non-approved service centre
  • Altered or removed serial number
  • Prolonged and excessive periods of maximum volume and loudness leading to damage of speakers and/or speaker boxes
  • Damage causing LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) leakage or screen cracks
  • Software related faults (no hardware fault)